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SCIG: Our Competitive Advantage is Your Competitive Advantage

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Strategic Capital & Intelligence Group Ltd., is an indispensible partner in the realization and execution of your business strategy and tactical objectives.


SCIG brings to bear a hidden financial, corporate and political network that is powerful, exclusive and far-reaching.

SCIG provides you access to that network and instant credibility.

This network, coupled with our unconventional and commanding mix of international business and intelligence professionals gives you the possibility to consider opportunities and actions that would otherwise be beyond your reach.

With SCIG the depth and breadth of your business opportunities and options expand, and the realization of your objectives accelerate.

SCIG does not merely advise; it executes and operationalizes your business strategy and tactical plans.

Our unique competitive advantage can be used to fundamentally alter your operating environment, rebalance your competitive position, and provide you with a competitive edge.

SCIG will tackle your most difficult business problems, and rebalance the playing field.

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Get our expertise working for you.